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Blessing Pump & Water Systems History

Blessing Pump & Water Systems was born in 1945. It originally started out as K.G and W.D. Blessing Plumbing, and eventually became Blessing Plumbing & Excavating. In 1970, the water well and pump service became large enough to concentrate mainly on the water well industry. Thus, Blessing Pump & Water Systems was born.

At that time, Bill’s son Don also joined the business full time. Kyle worked until retirement in 1978. At that time, Bill’s second son, Jim, was picking up the family business. Jim came on board full time upon graduating from high school in 1981.

Kyle ran the business office until his retirement, at which point Bill’s wife, Ada, became the full-time bookkeeper. From 1981 until 1991, Don, Jim and their helpers did most of the fieldwork, while Bill took care of estimates and customer service.

In 1991, Don decided to take another path in life after a dedicated 20-plus years of service, and started pursuing his own destiny. In 1992, we endured the heartbreaking, untimely passing of Bill.

Jim continued to run the business with the help of dedicated employees such as Craig Penwell and Allen Jones. Craig and Allen eventually moved on to other fields, and three other employees came on board: Zachary Price, Steve Roeder and Joe Mason.

Ada Blessing continued to work part time after the passing of Bill until her retirement in 1995. We mourned her passing in the fall of 2005. 

Zachary is the stepson of Jim, and he is still working side by side with Jim in the everyday operations of the business. Steve and Joe eventually moved on to pursue opportunities in the plumbing industry. Another stepson of Jim’s, Anthony Price, came on board and worked and off with Jim and Zach and still helps out from time to time.

At the present time, Blessing Pump & Water Systems is a corporation jointly owned by Jim, his very dedicated wife “Mindy,” and his son Zachary. Here at Blessing Pump & Water Systems, our main goal is customer satisfaction. We have always strived to provide the best service possible to our customers. We are firm believers in the idea that the best advertisement is a satisfied customer.

With the grace of God and the unselfish dedication of Mindy, as well as the devoted dedication of Zachary and his wife “Marlene,” Blessing Pump & Water Systems is here to serve our customers on a day-to-day basis, with the customer always coming first and foremost.

A Personal Look at the Lives of the Blessing Family

Every since I started working in the family business as a child, I could hear and see the respect that the customers, sales reps, work associates, family and friends had for my father, Bill, and grandfather, Kyle. That was in the mid 1970s. Still, today, I encounter people that have that same opinion. What a great feeling to have been raised by people that have generated so much respect and confidence.

In the history of Blessing Pump & Water Systems, I failed to mention my grandmother, Flora. As a child growing up, she played a very large part in my everyday life, as did my grandfather, Kyle. They were the first to take me fishing, an event that forever changed my life. Kyle and Flora both passed away in 1985. Fortunately, I have many fond memories of them, such as the story I heard about my grandfather, who was the kindest person you’d ever want to meet. One day he was working on a ladder and someone kept bothering him repeatedly. After putting up with enough, he informed the person that if he was forced to climb down off the ladder he was going to kick the guy's butt. Those were the last words spoken. He also told me that I should embrace everyday, because those would be the days I would learn something I did not know. My grandmother was known for her compassion for others, as well as for cooking a great meal. She is probably the reason I am living large, as she was the first to introduce me to Mountain Dew. The fact that she always had homemade goodies didn’t help matters either.

My mother and father also have a daughter, my sister, Robin. Robin never worked for the family business, but was always willing to help out when she was needed.

In 1988, I had a life changing experience, which was a blind date with the person who eventually became my savior, my wife, Mindy. We were married in 1990 and I never looked back. She has made me the person I have become today. She taught me responsibility, the value of organization, and most of all, the true meaning of loving and embracing all that life has to offer, as well as a host of other valuable life tools. Together, we raised six children, Zachary, Anthony, Amber, Kyle, Emily and Jamie. As of today, we are blessed with three grandchildren, Kenadie, Sabrina and Victoria, with hopes of more to come in the future.

Outside of the full-time job Mindy has running the household and making sure I try my best to keep the business running smoothly, she has a full-time job as an R.N. at one of our local hospitals, where she has been a dedicated employee for 20 years.

The one thing that has made my involvement with the business a great pleasure is the many fine customers, friends, business associates and acquaintances that I have been blessed to know. They have all made it possible for the business to exist, and I thank them.